Leadership locally and regional distinction in the field of higher education, scientific research and community service

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Providing high quality educational, research and community services to prepare graduates who are well qualified and have knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve the sustainable development through a stimulating academic, administrative and technical environment.

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  • Providing and developing educational programs, research activities, training and advisory services in various fields.

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Hikma University

Al-Hikma University is a private educational institution officially licensed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with the number 1358 dated 26/7/2008 AD. The activity of the Al-Hikma Educational Foundation began in 2004 under the name of the University Institute for Medical Specialties, then the name of the College of Wisdom was added in 2007 AD for technical and administrative majors with a license from the Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Ministry of Education, Technical Training and Vocational Training, respectively.





They Said about Us

Al-Hikma University is one of the universities that provides all the capabilities and equipment that the student needs for education and modern educational attainment.

Lieutenant General / Sultan Al-Sami
Lieutenant General / Sultan Al-Sami Member of the Supreme Political Council

I was satisfied with the equipment I saw at the university, and I wish the university continuing to advance this world-class educational university...

Mr. Hussein Ali Hazeb
Mr. Hussein Ali Hazeb Minister of Higher Education

The university achieved its goals and wonderful Yemeni cadres graduated from it. I wish the university progress and success...

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamdi
Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamdi Deputy Minister of Education

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